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​​​​Auction Calendar    Watch for updates!!        Page last updated:  10.15.21


October 17, 2021 -  Vogt/Ridge auction, St Johns Road, Clarksfield,  See full ad & pictures under "upcoming auctions"  

October 23, 2021. -  Blanche Jones Family Limited Partnership.  Jones Road, Wellington.  Older farm equipment, antiques, lots of unusual items.  See full ad & pictures under "upcoming auctions"

October 24, 2021  -  Hannon/Twining auction, Clark Road, Wellington, See full ad & pictures under "upcoming auctions"  

November 7, 2021  -  Wellington

November 13, 2021  -  Monroeville

November 21, 2021  -  Back in Wellington


​​We've got many auctions coming up.  Keep checking for updates.  .  







































































                              Congrats to our newest "apprentice auctioneer"

                                                    Kate Suvar


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