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Andy Suvar Auctions
1146 Chenango Rd
New London, OH 44851


Page updated on 6-18-15

Have lots of auctions coming up, I'll post them as soon as we get them listed.


 Auction Calendar           Please watch for more auctions to come!!

June 19th - Hine auction in New London.  See full ad & pictures under "upcoming auctions - June 19 public auction"

June 26, Boone POA inSpencer  -  see full ad & pictures under "upcoming auctions - Boone POA 6.26.15"

June 28th - Smith auction in Norwalk -  see full ad & pictures under "upcoming auctions - Smith 6.28.15"

July 12 - Grimm auction in North Ridgville

July 17th - New London Public School, New London

We've got lots of auctions coming up so if you're thinking of having a sale contact us early so we can save you a date!!

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