Suvar Auctions is located in New London and Andy has been doing auctions in Huron, Lorain, Erie and Ashland Counties for over 35 years.  We specialize in selling farm equipment, tools, antiques, collectibles, household and also real estate.

Andy & his wife, Shelley also own & operate Real Estate Connections in downtown New London as well as operating the family farm.

Another of our auctioneers is Jeff Hammersmith.  He has been working auctions with us for about 8 years and has been a licensed auctioneer since January, 2013.

Our newest auctioneer is Dennis Pillivant from Wellington. We plan on keeping him very busy.  We can't forget to mention Chuck King who steps in for Jeff when he can't be there.  We appreciate his help whenever he's needed.

Our main clerk is Rich Ruess (his organizational skills are amazing & he tolerates Andy & I very well).  He has been clerking for us for more years than any of us can remember.  We really appreciate his help.

Our main cashier is our daughter Kate,  she's been helping us for a very long time now and tries really hard to keep all of you happy. For you people that have been attending auctions for a really long time you'll remember Stephanie who was my main sidekick for alot of years.  When Sharon got sick she stepped right back in just like whe hadn't been gone for over 5 years.

Of course, we couldn't do all these auctions without our "wonderful" crew.  Occasionally you will see our daughters, Amy or Sarah working in the auction trailer or see Jennifer clerking.  We also have 2 other clerks, Jean Hammersmith and Judy Earl who fill in for us occasionally.  Bill Forster, Mike Crawford,  Doug Robbins & Jason Wuensch all help with the heavy work (which I really appreciate).  We are working on breaking in our Nephew, Kevin and Kate's significant other, Doug (we appreciate the "young" help.  

I couldn't forget to mention our 7 grandchildren, most of you know them or at least see them at the auctions (Yes the little girl that is always sleeping either under a table at the Hileman Bldg. or in a corner of the auction trailer is our granddaughter, Madie.)  The oldest & our best helper is Wyatt who is 12.  Madie is 11 & now trying to register people (we'll have to work on the handwriting).  Oliver is 10 & still at that age where he can either be very helpful or NOT (when you see us arguing in the corner it's a NOT day).  Brooke & Lilly are 5, but only come to visit on occasion.  We'll work on breaking them in in a year to two. Kason is 3 and loves running sheets and eating donuts. Our newest grandson is Trevor he is 1 year old, I'm sure no one would complain if we brought him to the sales and passed his smiles around. :-) 

We want to "Thank You" for attending our auctions & look forward to seeing many of you every weekend.   
 We couldn't do auctions without all of you!!!

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