About Us

Of course, we couldn't do all these auctions without our "wonderful" crew.   Bill Forster,  Kevin Boehler, Doug Eddy, Steve Zimmerman & Jason Wuensch all help with the heavy work (which I really appreciate).  Our main Man is Norm Eddy who works a full time job & still manages to help us out whenever we need it. 

I couldn't forget to mention our 7 grandchildren, most of you know them or at least see them at the auctions  The oldest  is Wyatt who is now 17.  He helps us whenever he can but being a Senior in High School is busy with Cross Country, FFA, wrestling, band,  track & other very important High School things.  Madie is 15 (soon to be 16) & involved in many activities also, including: cheer leading, band, cross country, mat mad for wrestling & track among other things.   Oliver is 14 and is our football star (or would be if he hadn't fractured his ankle before the first game this year),  he is also in band & track & wrestling. Brooke & Lilly are 10, Lilly like to work the concessions & is very good at making change.  Brooke is working on her change making skills but loves to run sheets & is VERY friendly (she is the one that will talk your let off.  Brooke & Lilly are in the 5th grade & between the two are involved with 4 H, dance & gymnastics  Hopefully in a few years they will step up & help run the trailer. Our youngest grandson is Trevor, he is 5 & just started Kindergarten.  He helps us occasionally run sheets (but tends to get "lost" sometime so thanks to everyone who helps keep an eye on him.  Shelby, our youngest is 3 and can be seen occasionally following one of her older cousins around helping with whatever she can.

We want to "Thank You" for attending our auctions & look forward to seeing many of you every weekend.   
 We couldn't do auctions without all of you!!!

Suvar Auctions is located in New London and Andy has been doing auctions in Huron, Lorain, Erie and Ashland Counties for over 40 years.  We specialize in selling farm equipment, tools, antiques, collectibles, household and also real estate.

Andy & his wife, Shelley also own & operate Real Estate Connections in downtown New London as well as operating the family farm.

Our staff of auctioneers now include:      Kate Suvar

                                                                 Scott Neptune

                                                                 Dennis Pillivant

                                                                 Lad Harrison 

                                                                 Ben Harrison

Our main clerk is Rich Ruess (his organizational skills are amazing & he tolerates Andy & I very well).  He has been clerking for us for more years than any of us can remember.  We really appreciate his help.  We also use Sonya Shreve, Jenn Ott, Jean Hammersmith &  Sarah Harrison to clerk every now & then.

Stephanie Eddy & Shelley Suvar will usually be found in the auction trailer either giving out numbers, taking your money or maybe cooking up a hot dog or two.  Sonya &  Amy Wuensch also help out in the trailer occassionally.